What do we provide?

We define and manage the workflow through a standardized model of stages, processes and deliverables.

How do we do it?

We identify the risks that may arise and design the workflow through a business model that considers time, safety, risk, cost, sustainability, scope, among other relevant elements.

Our services

What we do?

Project Management

We manage every stage of construction from start to finish.

Audits and monitoring

We develop specific activities in the execution of your real estate project.

Owner's rep

We coordinate the progress of the real estate project.

Project diagnosis

We help you with the basis and validation of the business model.

Project Planning

We generate the project plan with its objectives to carry out the correct execution.


We supervise the execution of your real estate project.


How do we do it?


We understand the project and establish expectations and requirements.

Engineering Design

We develop the design and define specifications and documentation.


We supply and prepare for the start of execution.


We execute and control according to the project plan.


We deliver, close and launch the project.

Why hire us?


There is nothing more pleasant than trusting in the correct development of your business model. AXIOMA’s Project Management will take care of the execution of every detail in a timely manner, ensuring the return on your investment.

Let's be allies! Let us show you our way of doing things.

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AXIOMA's staff includes project leaders, administrative personnel, operations management, etc.



Training provided by axioma to client’s personnel such as 23H Workshop, LEED Preparation, Real Estate Finance, BIM, OSHA, among others.



In training to guarantee the excellence and performance of our collaborators and to be in continuous improvement.

What endorses us?


We are part of the PMI family. A community that provides us with resources, tools, connections and broader perspectives on global project management.

Construction Management Association of America
International Project Management Association
Project Management Institute

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